RU 486

Misconceptions, Myths and Morals

Renate Klein, Janice G. Raymond, and Lynette Dumble


What is RU 486? Who is promoting the new “abortion pill?” Is it a “miracle drug”? Whom does it best serve? What is its history? What are its adverse effects? What is the role of prostaglandin? What are its dangers? What are the implications of chemical abortion for women’s health? For existing abortion services? What are the long-term ethical, political and social consequences?

Certificate of Commendation, 1991 Australian Human Rights Award


“This book makes an important contribution to the debate surrounding RU 486, a debate which the tragedies of history – those associated with other reproductive technologies – tell us, we have every need to involve ourselves in, to acquaint ourselves with and above all, to have our say in. RU 486: Misconceptions, Myths and Morals is, as the authors themselves point out, unique even in a feminist scholarship (since many feminists have given the drug their support), for its resounding criticism of RU 486.”

— Kim Webster, Australian Women’s Book Review