In an age when falsehoods are commonly taken as truth, Janice Raymond’s new book illustrates the ‘doublethink’ of a transgender movement that is able to define men as women, women as men, he as she, dissent as heresy, science as sham, and critics as fascists. Meanwhile, trans mobs are treated as gender patriots whose main enemy is feminists and their dissent from gender orthodoxies.

“This extraordinary woman is a shining light and an outstanding inspiration to thousands. Fighting to protect women and children from sexual exploitation is her life’s work, and she is not about to stop now. Dr Raymond…is in Glasgow…to receive…the Zero Tolerance International Woman Award, one of a series of awards launched last year by the Scottish charity to recognize those women working to prevent violence against women.”

— The Herald (Scotland)


Fictions and Facts About the Transsexual Empire

A copy of The Transsexual Empire is now available on this website.

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The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism.