A Feminist Challenge to Transgenderism

Janice G. Raymond

“In an age when falsehoods are commonly taken as truth, Janice Raymond’s new book illustrates the ‘doublethink’ of a transgender movement that is able to define men as women, women as men, he as she, dissent as heresy, science as sham, and critics as fascists. Meanwhile, trans mobs are treated as gender patriots whose main enemy is feminists and their dissent from gender orthodoxies.”

“The medicalization of gender dissatisfaction depicted by Raymond in her early visionary book, The Transsexual Empire, has today expanded exponentially into the transgender industrial complex built on big medicine, big pharma, big banks, big foundations, big research centers, some attached to big universities. And the current rise of treating young children with puberty blockers and hormones is a widespread scandal that has been named a medical experiment on children.”

— Introduction, Doublethink: A Feminist Challenge to Transgenderism